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Anastasia Baast debuts with "Evaporate"

The powerful single comes with an eye-catching video that plays the lines between horror and princess movies.

"Evaporate" is the debut single of Anastasia Baast, vocalist and Berklee graduate based in NYC.
The powerful track mixes electronic trance music with pop influences and classic vocals to create a mesmerizing soundscape, with the melody evoking sensations of wistfulness and dreams. "Evaporate" is a deeply meaningful track about Baast's past fight with eating disorders and the confusion, fear, and difficulties that this brought into her life. The lyrics talk about the hardships that a person with a mental illness goes through from a first person's point of view, highlighting the isolation and communication troubles that these ailments bring with them. The result is a beautiful song that truly comes alive with Baast's style of singing.

With both the music and the lyrics written by Baast and produced by Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly), the track kicks off slowly, with the vocals cutting through the soft music. The track then winds up, with a solid electronic beat and dreamy synth lines backing up the stirring vocals. "Evaporate" a full sounding track in its simplicity, directing the audience's attention to the lyrics and the message they bring.

The beautiful video for "Evaporate", directed by Frankie Turiano, features the struggles described in the lyrics, highlighting concepts such as the personal struggles, pain, and secrets. The emotions and energy of the track are excellently embodied by Hanna Fomenko in her role as the pole dancer, while Baast takes front and center, conveying her lyrics with passion and grace.




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